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Structural Precast Elements

precast columns

Structural precast columns are reinforced and can be used as a part of a total precast concrete structure. The columns can also be presented if required and are generally manufacturered to maximum lengths which are practical for transportation and erection. A variety of finishes can be applied if required.


High load capacity

Less expensive than other options

Less reo, less concrete and many other savings

Faster construction time

Quick installation by highly skilled crews

Immediate access below for following trades

Less weather dependent

Reduction in formwork and propping

Simplified and safer construction process

Less waste

Less materials handling

Superior structural outcome

Longer spans

Off-site manufacture means high quality

High strength, factory produced, long life precast concrete offers the ultimate outcome with minimal maintenance Fire, thermal and acoustic advantages.

Stair wells and stair flights

Stair wells and stair flights (including stair landings, treads and stringers) can be manufactured in precast concrete providing an elegant and efficient solution to stairways on multi-storey buildings. Often precast concrete manufacturers have stairway moulds that are already available, however special moulds can also be produced to allow for designs that are more specialised.


Smoother design process

Faster construction time

Many surface finishes, shapes and patterns available

WGE Group Precast Projects
Noise Wall - Burnt Creek Deviation Balgowlah

Supply and Installation of Steel Support Columns, 178 Precast Wall Panels and Paint. Night Time Installation under Traffic Control

Supply and Installation Bondek Suspended Floor Slab

Supply and Installation of Bondek Floor System including Propping Design, Supply-Tie-Place Steel and Concrete Finish

Mt Gilead Retirement Village Stage 2

Supply and Installation of 32 Independant Living Units, Suspended Bondek Floor Slabs and Roof Systems Within 9 Month Construction Window

Column Fit Precast Retaining Walls

Design, Supply and Installation of Face Column Fit Precast Retaining Wall System Including Structural Steel for Either Privacy or Bank Stabilisation

Tilt-Up Panel Warehouse Construction

Turn Key Industrial Warehouse Construction, Excavation, Piering, Ground Slabs, Tilt Up Panel Supply and Install Including All Strucutral Steel

Mt Gibraltar Park Retirement Village Stage 1

Delivery, Installation and Finish of Precast Wall Panels, Bondek Floor System and Structural Steel Roofs for Stage 1 Display Units mt Gibraltar Park Bowral