"To operate in a sustainable manner means to create value for stakeholders and to use resources in such a way that the needs of future generations are not compromised. All of this must be achieved while respecting people, the environment and society as a whole."

WGE Group's Sustainability Model

WGE Group considers sustainability as a set of targets that can be reached through a process of continuous improvement aimed at bolstering economic, environmental and social performances and at cultivating the reputation of the company in the eyes of its stakeholders

WGE Group promotes the health and safety of people, respect for their rights, protection of the environment and biodiversity, efcient use of resources, quality, satisfaction of customer requirements during projects, enhancement of human capital with specifc reference to local resources, social development and the interests of host communities

WGE Group draws inspiration from the principles of business fairness, transparency, honesty and integrity, and adopts the highest standards and international guidelines when managing its activities, regardless of the operating context.

WGE Group’s sustainability model permeates all company processes. It is oriented towards excellence and the pursuit of long-term objectives, including by means of assessment and management of risks in a way that contributes to their prevention and mitigation. Certifable management systems for quality, health, safety and environmental protection, combined with initiatives for the development of local areas, are the cornerstone of WGE Group’s sustainability policy.

WGE Group’s sustainability model is likewise geared towards reporting on sustainability performances and initiatives to its stakeholders in a manner that is in line with the highest international standards.

WGE Group’s sustainability principles are constantly communicated, implemented, monitored and updated by a network of dedicated specialists at both central and local level.