Precast Manufacturing Facility

...just one more way we create a positive experience for our clients.

Precast Manufacturing Facility

Our Precast Facility specialises in the manufacture of precast concrete products for large and small infrastructure projects in the Sydney-Melbourne corridor.

Backed by WGE Group's proven ability to deliver, our Precast Facility is committed to providing high quality and competitively priced precast products for its clients.

Precast products include:

  • Precast planks.
  • Precast parapets.
  • Other precast products to clients' requirements.
  • Location and storage capacity

Our location means it is economically positioned to distribute precast products to sites anywhere along the Sydney-Melbourne corridor. There is an enviable storage capacity with the ability to store up to 500 Precast planks on site. This coupled with a production capacity of up to twenty precast panels a day, provides clients with unrivalled flexibility.

All manufacturing takes place in a covered environment, thus reducing delays caused by inclement weather.

Accreditations and pre-qualifications

Our Precast Facility operations are underpinned by effective management systems which have been adopted from the requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001 and AS4801 for safety, quality and environmental management. In addition, it is prequalified B1(Civil Bridge) by the New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services.