Empowerment and Engagement

Team Environment

At WGE Group we believe in individual performance within highly professional teams supported by our distinctive values. Teamwork in WGE Group means acceptance, respect, dedication, and the idea that we can achieve more when we all pull together. We believe that good WGE Group leaders serve by example and inspire others, and that the best indication of strong leadership is the success of the team.

Speak Up

Our industry requires that we constantly adapt to changing times, applying innovative ideas and technologies to help meet customer needs and reduce costs. That's why we encourage you to challenge the status quo and voice your opinions, even if they are new and different. We believe each of our employees is an expert in his or her field and the one best positioned to take the necessary actions to improve our service to our customers and optimise our operations. Even more importantly, safety is our highest priority and all WGE Group employees have the authority and the obligation to stop any operation they do not find safe.

Rewarding and Competence

At WGE Group we reward both on the results achieved as well as how the results were achieved, never compromising our employee safety or company values. Our annual people performance process ensures that you receive ongoing feedback on your performance - and demonstrates how you can continue to develop your skills.

Room for Ambition

WGE Group has operations across two continents and is constantly exploring new markets. This means that WGE Group can offer you plenty of room to build when it comes to realising even the most ambitious career goals. You will enjoy lots of responsibility right from the start, and we expect you to excel and to stand up for your results. At the same time we also recognise the importance of a sensible work-life balance in order for you to be able to perform at the highest level.