The WGE Group Way

A proud history and a bright future!

The WGE Group Way

The Group's success over many years has been built on a foundation of values - discipline, integrity, safety and success - and we revisited these values in 2013 to ensure they are aligned with the needs of our stakeholders, clients and employees. We have recommitted to our four values which have been consistently applied across the Group, but we have refreshed the behaviours which underpin these values to more clearly define what is expected of our people and the way they should conduct themselves. Having strong values provides a framework within which our people can operate and make sensible decisions. Our values go hand-in-hand with the concept of empowerment, a fundamental principle of The WGE Group Way.

While we can set policies, guidelines, frameworks and codes, ultimately our people need a set of values to guide their thinking, to help them make the right decisions and, ultimately, to create the right outcomes.

A company with a strong and clearly defined set of values means that its people have alignment and consistency with the direction of the business. In WGE Group's case, this has developed a culture that is performance and results oriented. As we continue to grow, the embedding of our values will be critical to ensuring that we can operate in diverse markets with employees of different religions, ethnicity, political persuasion and gender. Our values provide a common unifying bond as we deliver our vision to be renowned for excellence.



The safety of our people is our highest


We are truthful and do what we say we
will do


We treat everyone equally with
openess and honesty


We accept responsibility for our actions
and our results and recognise excellence