Business Units
WGE Group Technology

We have built ground up technology which has improved our companies safety performance, practices and management, and we don't think we should be the only ones to benefit from it.

What We Do

At WGE Group Technology we provide technology solutions across a wide variety of functional areas. Our clients include government (primarily defense, homeland security, aerospace, and social services) and commercial industries including oil and gas exploration, marine transportation, and healthcare.

Beginning in 2013, WGE Group Technology has grown and developed the flexibility and expertise to meet a wide range of technological and engineering needs for different clients.

WGE Group Technology is in the ever-growing, ever-changing technologies that are a vital part of our core capabilities:

  • Software Engineering
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Data Center and Core Infrastructure
  • Technology Consulting
  • Engineering and Scientific Support

By combining high-caliber technical capabilities with a complete functional understanding of our client's business and finding and employing the best people to do the job, WGE Group Technology provides complete, high quality, and technically superior solutions for our customers.