Global Connections

Strong apart, stronger together

Global Connections

The WGE Group is truely an international company, with links leading to markets around the world. The WGE Group has exported to Europe, North America, Central Asia, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Since our first international venture in 1991 in Kuwait, where WGE Group responded to work with local state authorities to help rebuild power and oil utilities post the first Gulf War, WGE Group has had a desire to grow, establishing relationships in Vietnam as early as 1993, and having a fully operational and independent business structure by 1996.

Today the WGE Group has expanded it's operations in South East Asia with new a manufacturing facility under construction and distribution centres in China to meet rising global demand for high quality, low cost, just in time products for industrial plants and large scale projects around the world.

From power station builds to the development of commercial, residential and touristic business centres, the WGE Group is poised to continue its expansion at home and abroad.

Joint Venture Partnerships

The WGE Group has formed key alliances with a number of international corporations and organisations. These include:

  • WGE Asia in delivering on infrastructure projects in Asia, and on working to win large scale Design and Construct projects around the global.
  • Cooperation with BEROA BIERRUM (UK) in delivering the largest and most innovative Chimney Remediation projects in Australia to date, where we have be able to demonstrated alternatives to demolition and reconstruction by remediating existing chimneys for a quarter of the cost of replacement and in most cases remediation work has been carried out on live plants meaning now disruption to production.
  • Cooperation between WGE Group and Altius Constructions (Au) in delivering on industrial and commercial projects around Australia.
WGE Asia

WGE Asia after 3 years of intense negotiations with the Vietnamese government was formally established in 1996. WGE Asia operates out of the Tu Liem District, Hanoi, an industrial precinct a short distance from Airports and Major Seaports mean we can land international quality inspectors and clients at our factories at the drop of a hat and export the largest of components in break bulk cargo vessels to anywhere in the world, at the worlds most competitive prices with unsurpassed quality and product warranty.

WGE Asia has a capacity to produce in excess of 1000 Tonnes of fabricated structural steel at full ramp, with painting facilities and other specialised facilities in house we have complete control over program and manufacturing schedules to meet the tightest project requirements where information is unclear and delivery times are very tight.

Delivering Excellence Off-Shore

Since its inception in 1996, WGE Asia has been working with a range of international Tier 1 contractors in the delivery of projects in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. We have produced some of the most complex industrial components for Power Stations, Water Treatment Plants, Steel Mills, Chemical Plants. We have been involved in infrastructure development in Vietnam which has seen the construction of Hotels, Apartment Blocks and other Commerical buildings. From our engineers to our front line production workers we deliver quality, safety and efficiency in everything we touch, until it enhances every life it touches.

Working Abroad and Exchange

The WGE Group operatives with an innovative cultural and technical exchange program with its employees by allowing employees deployed in Australia or Asia to swap with their foreign counterparts to be able to experience exposure to both cultures and both operations. This has brought the WGE Group's International and Domestic units closer.

This technical transfer has made our factories in Asia proficient in Australia Quality Standards and project requirements. Many of our clients have refered to WGE Asia as no different to dealing with WGE Group in Australia in terms of Customer Service, project understanding, timely delivery and product quality. We call this The WGE Group Way and we have worked for over 2 decades to achieve this.