Yard Fabrication

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Yard Fabrication

WGE Group has been manufacturing since 1963. In our proud 50 year history we have achieved some amazing things. We have forged long term relationships with Australia's heavy industry and we have exported to numerous world markets.

WGE Group has come along way since our humble beginnings. Today we are the largest capacity manufacturer in Port Kembla with workshops totalling 20,000 square metres of available production area under 65 Tonne overhead cranes, before we need to expand into stand by facilities. With over 100,000 square metres of lay down area, there is not a project in size or complexity that WGE Group cannot execute.

WGE Group has worked with the Roads and Maritime Services for over 30 years and today we are recognised as an Roads and Maritime Services National Pre-Qualification Scheme Supplier in category "S" - Complex Steel Structures, with a Financial Capacity of F25.

WGE Group Manufacturing offers a the complete manufacturing service specialising in;

  • Light, Medium and Heavy Fabrication to Australian and International Standards.
  • Welding processes are manual, semi-automatic and automatic welding in
    • MMAW (Manual Metal Arc Welding)
    • GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding)
    • GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding)
    • SAW (Submerged Arc Welding)
  • Steel processing lines are capable of Flame, Plasma or Laser profiling complete with holes drilled and tapped.
  • Machining including metal turning, boring and milling.
  • Fitting and Overhauls
  • A comprehensive range of specialised manufacturing services
  • A comprehensive spares management program for any size plant

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