Where To Find Us
Arriving in Australia


When you leave the airplane, you will proceed to Immigration where an Immigration Officer will look at your completed Incoming Passenger Card (given to you on the plane), your passport and your student visa.

The Immigration Officer may ask a few questions about your plans for your time in Australia.


You must not bring prohibited drugs, food or plants into Australia. If you have any goods of plant or animal origin, you must declare them.

Australian Customs and Quarantine rules are very strict, so if you are in doubt about what to declare, ask a Customs Officer. There are serious penalties (including fines and jail) for making a false declaration.


After clearing Customs, you will enter the arrivals hall, where you will find retail and food outlets, public telephones, a Traveller's Advisory Bureau and money exchange. If arriving on a weekend, you may like to change currency at the airport as most banks will be closed.

From here, it is easy to get to Wollongong - if you have arranged with WGE Group a airport pick-up service you will be met by your driver, or you can follow the signs to the train station or rental car outlet.

To make arrangements for a WGE Group Representative to meet you on your arrival please contact WGE Group on +61 2 4272 2200 and we will arrange transport and accommodation requirements suitable to your business visit with us.