Building skills and expertise

Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

Through our state of the art training facility New South Wales, WGE Resources offers nationally recognised assessment, training and qualifications to our employees, competitors and the general public.

The result for our clients? Peace of mind that each project is delivered by the most suitably qualified team.

Building Skills and Expertise

Part of what makes WGE an attractive provider of Engineering Procurement and Construction services to our customers is the high standard of our employees' skills, experience and expertise. We achieve this through a variety of initiatives and by always making best use of modern systems and technological breakthroughs

Specialist Training

On-the-job training isn't always an option: some complex operations are only performed rarely, and heavy weather conditions can't be planned. To ensure you are well prepared and able to perform in even the most challenging situations, WGE uses simulator training extensively. Simulators with uniquely in house developed software help our people prepare for operating in especially challenging conditions or practicing new procedures. Portable simulators allow us to train on location, ofteninvolving other important stakeholders such as clients in the training. At our WGE Academy, customers, partners and WGE employees learn how to respond to all type of operational situations using a unique combination of theoretical learning and real-life simulation.

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