The WGE Difference
WGE Global Information System

We are building purpose build digital infrastructure to support our activities into the 21st century

WGE Global Information System

In 2013 the WGE Group began to realised the full potential of purpose built information and technology systems. Upon the successful delivery of WGE Connect, an intranet / extranet product which enabled WGE project personnel in remote locations to communicate seamlessly with WGE systems in home base, opened up a world of potential for real time data reporting, resource tracking, maintenance reporting and critical HSE information.

Dubbed the "Global Information System", WGE had managed to connect all area of its international operation through one unified Information Technology system.

Here is what BlueScope Steel's Supplier Audit Team had to say in 2014 on MARS" Report A490105.

"WGE has developed a web based system over the past 12 months called "WGE Global Information System" the system is maintained by the safety professionals and includes a training matrix, inductions / work cover tickets / licences / specific training. The matrix includes all training records relevant to the needs of roles with the company. Inductions are kept in separate personal folders on the system. Subcontractors (regular ones) are also included in the training matrix with training requirement. Verified excellent."